My First Week as an Intern at JFCS: The Matchmaker

By: Nick Brewer, Career Services Intern

Nick, taking a break from working the phones.


My hand is still cramped from my first week of introductions at Jewish Family & Career Services. Day Number One in the Career Services Department was packed with firm handshakes and intense eye contact – two key ingredients of friendly yet professional greetings.

Being in an entirely new environment, I was prepared for a fair amount of anxiety. The overwhelming number of new and professional people was enough to make my first office experience feel like an episode of House of Cards. However, it took no time at all for the staff members to make me feel welcome at JFCS.

I spent the majority of my first and second days learning about JFCS, its mission, and the various departments. I spoke with many different people, and although it was overwhelming, I learned a great deal about the agency for which I will work in the coming weeks.

As a Political Science major at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, I am prepared to devise solutions to many diverse problems. During my first week as an intern, I was given the opportunity to reach out to employers and candidates about JFCS’ Speed Networking event in late July. I spent the majority of my time this week learning and perfecting how to sell the event. My ability to be clear, direct and concise was the difference between whether or not companies decided to register. Knowing that I had some part in guiding these individuals toward a professionally beneficial event is very satisfying. Working on the Speed Networking event has tested my communication skills, both in person and over the phone. I hope to develop these and other skills in my coming weeks at JFCS.

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