My First Week as an Intern at JFCS: Conquering the Mail Merge

By: Baily Doctrow, Engagement, Development, and Marketing Intern

Baily settling into her new office at JFCS.

Walking into JFCS on my first day, I had no idea what to expect. I had never worked in an office environment, working at JFCS would be a refreshing yet unfamiliar opportunity. Growing up in Louisville as a Jewish kid, I knew general information about JFCS, but it was not until I came here that I began to understand and learn on a deeper level what JFCS does and how this organization affects individuals and the broader community.

As an English Literature major, my primary focus in school, as of now, is writing. As a Marketing and Development Intern, I can practice my professional writing skills. During my first couple days, I was given the opportunity to create several blog pieces based on a collection of client details sent in by employees at JFCS. My skills allowed me the opportunity to emphasize JFCS’s value as an organization that helps individual and collective clients with a multitude of needs. I learned a lot about JFCS itself through these assignments. Namely, I learned about therapy and general counseling of individuals and families, as well as the Blue Card program, which helps Holocaust survivors meet their medical and lifestyle needs. Learning about the various services offered at JFCS, as I have done during my first week and will continue to do throughout my time here, will surely help me down the line as I continue to create stories and blog pieces about the company.

In addition to the writing, I have also been working on finding potential auction items for the golf tournament in June. I used Excel for the first time in a while; it was surprisingly enjoyable, for it supports my penchant for organization. I also learned how to Mail Merge. I was excited to learn, as it is a skill that is used in many office settings and will be valuable for future employment. After printing out letters, I spent time stuffing the envelopes. While this type of work may not seem especially fun, I found it quite rewarding. I turned two, large, separate piles of letters and envelopes into a neat pile of freshly stuffed envelopes ready to be stamped; a physical representation of the amount of work that has been completed is ultimately very satisfying.

I have spent my first few days acclimating to an office environment and JFCS as a whole. Despite the overwhelming amount of information given to me on my first day here, I have begun to familiarize myself with JFCS and the type of work I will be doing down the line. My two supervisors, Lisa Sobel-Berlow and Beverly Bromley, have played a significant role in helping me to adjust, and I want to thank them for that. I am excited to continue working and to make the most out of my nine weeks here.

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