My Fifth Week as an Intern at JFCS: Golf Tournament!

The time finally came! On Monday, the long-anticipated golf tournament finally happened. In the week prior to the event, in addition to some writing, I spent the majority of my time helping the Marketing and Development team prepare for the tournament. Although last week was very stressful because everyone wanted the tournament to be the best it could be, everyone’s hard work paid off on Monday when the event launched.

I spent the majority of last week preparing for the silent auction. In addition to getting some last-minute donations, I spent a great deal of time organizing the auction list, creating packages and a system for easy checkout when items were sold. I spent hours creating bid sheets and description sheets for over a hundred items, but all the time and energy paid off when I saw the silent auction set up in the Standard Club and saw the faces of the patrons who were impressed by the selections.

The golf tournament itself was very exciting. Although it rained continuously throughout the day, the golfers were able to play with only a little delay. Earlier in the day, I helped load up the golf carts with various items, like towels, golf balls, umbrellas, and snacks. After lunch, when the golfers were sent out to play, I spent some time enjoying the scenery and talking with some coworkers, as I monitored the putting contest and a few other holes.

Overall, working at the golf tournament was a rewarding experience. Since I began the internship almost five weeks ago, I’ve been preparing for the silent auction and the tournament. It was very worthwhile to see the fruits of my labor and that of my coworkers who worked so diligently on the event. I am happy that I played such a large role in preparing for the event. Because this tournament is such a large source of income for JFCS, I felt I was giving back to the organization. I contributed to an organization that helped me by hiring me as an intern and helps thousands of individuals a year. This couldn’t make me any happier.

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