My Eighth Week as an Intern at JFCS: Time is Winding Down

Since last week, the realization that I’m almost finished with my internship has begun to sink in. While this week involved familiar duties involving the golf tournament and the Back to School Supply Drive, it also involved tasks which made me more aware of my limited time left at JFCS.

This week mostly revolved around two separate tasks: (1) inventory for the Back to School Supply Drive and (2) follow-up for the unpaid auction items from the golf tournament in June. I’m excited to say that there was a pile of school supplies in the collection box at JFCS when I walked in every morning this week; however, despite that, we still need a large amount of donations to reach our goals! Watching the numbers of school supplies on the spreadsheet increase, and physically watching the pile in my office increase, was definitely very satisfying. I hope that JFCS receives enough school supplies for its 2018 event like it’s done in the previous years. JFCS supplies more than 150 students with proper school supplies every year, and I’m very grateful to be a part of that process.

Besides collecting donations and logging them into a spreadsheet, I also spent a lot of time this week attempting to track down some unpaid auction items from the golf tournament. I called several people and sent out numerous emails. Thankfully, I’ve gotten some replies back and I’m hoping to get more in the next few days. Receiving proper payment for the silent auction items is important to me because I played a large part in creating this year’s list of items and because I know that all the money JFCS receives will go toward helping out families and clients of JFCS.

This week, as a stark reminder of my limited time left, my supervisor Lisa asked me to write about something I think people need to hear about JFCS. I started thinking about the various departments, all of which I have written a blog piece, and then I began to think about how JFCS affected me. I decided to write about the Summer Internship Program at JFCS because I want people in the Louisville and Jewish communities to realize its effect. Not only am I using quotes from myself and the two other interns in the office this summer, but I also hope to get quotes from past interns. I reached out to a few of them and am anxiously awaiting their answers. I’m excited to write a blog piece about how JFCS’ program is valuable, beneficial, and rewarding because that is how I feel about my Marketing and Development internship this summer. I’m very grateful that I got the chance to work with Lisa and Beverly as I gained real-world experience and learned valuable skills. I only have one more week left of my internship, and although my summer experience is coming to a close, I’m happy that I’ll have a good memory of JFCS and this summer in the future.

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