Meet the MOSAIC Honorees: Joseph Twagilimana

Our annual MOSAIC Awards are scheduled for Thursday, May 22. Before the big day, you will have the opportunity to “meet” each of our honorees right here on our blog. Check back every Wednesday to learn how each one of these international Americans contributes to his or her profession and our community.



Joseph TwagilimanaJoseph Twagilimana, Ph.D. – Rwanda


Dr. Twagilimana and his family came to the United States as refugees after fleeing the genocide in their native country. He earned a doctorate in applied and industrial mathematics and was the first graduate of the Mathematics Department Ph.D. program at the University of Louisville. He was a Data Mining Analyst with Wellpoint, Inc, for seven years. As a volunteer, he has helped to design programs that will effectively address the needs of the African refugee community, as well as assisting with linking refugees to services and working with staff to provide linguistically and culturally appropriate services. He received the Genevieve Boone Award from the office of Multicultural Ministry of the Archdiocese of Louisville.


Twagilimana was a high school math teacher and an assistant principal before he left Rwanda. Since his arrival in the United States, he has become a pioneer in data analysis and predictive modeling tools within the medical field. During his personal time, Twagilimana sees it as his responsibility to ease the resettlement of new waves of refugees arriving from the Finger Lakes region of Africa, primarily Burundi and the Congo. He provides transportation and translation services, and he helps to ensure that African immigrants have a voice in the local community. He helped to create the French Circle, which offers a forum to French speakers in Louisville, and L’École de français, which provides children from French African countries the opportunity to develop their French language skills.


Thank you, Dr. Twagilimana, for leading the way for your colleagues and our community!


Providing programs and services for International Americans has been a part of the JFCS mission since its founding in 1908. By recognizing the honorees who have succeeded in various fields, we underscore the importance that International Americans have made in our community and recognize and spotlight the crucial role that newcomers play in creating a vibrant community. JFCS, through its Multicultural Services, provides the skills and tools for International Americans to build a new life through their work, education, and integration into the community.

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