Kaveh Zamanian


Kaveh Zamanian was a clinical psychologist and certified psychoanalyst for 20 years before becoming founder, CEO and Whiskey Maker at Rabbit Hole Distillery. He established Rabbit Hole in 2012, and, by creating his own recipes, has unified heritage techniques with innovative mash bills to produce distinctive expressions of premium American whiskey.

As a result, his brand is widely recognized as a leader in the renaissance of bourbon. Both he and the brand have been profiled in leading media national outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Whisky Advocate, Beverage Dynamics and others. Additionally, through the distillery, Zamanian has served the Louisville community by creating jobs in Jefferson and Henry Counties where his state-of-the-art, sustainable rickhouses are located. He sits on the board of the Louisville Film Society, and, for his employees, has created a monthly student loan reimbursement program.