Bapion Ziba


Bapion Ziba, owner of Ziba’s Bistro in the Logan Street Market, has dedicated his life to serving others through his mantra: “Food is everything.” The Bistro offers traditional West African cuisine, and also features European and American dishes inspired by his life. Ziba attended culinary school in Versailles, France, and worked as a chef in France for nine years.

While helping launch restaurants in Lyon and Toulouse, and in Casablanca, Morocco, he actively advocated for the rights of kitchen staff. When he moved to Louisville, he continued his commitment to supporting the local community. He often donates food to refugee families in Louisville, is involved with the local Burkinabé community and helps immigrants from Burkina Faso find employment. He also stays involved with his native village, Tiaré, by purchasing pumps and irrigation equipment to help farmers back home and by mentoring other aspiring chefs.