More Holiday Tips for Caregivers

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and that can mean additional challenges for those who care for individuals with memory impairments. We have some additional tips for those of you who will be celebrating the holidays with family members or friends who have dementia.

If you missed our first set of tips, you can find them here.

5. Keep the celebration small.

Additional distractions make it more difficult for a loved one who has dementia. From decorations to the guest list, simpler is better.

6. Celebrate earlier in the day.

Your loved one may experience sundowning, which is an increase in confusion or restlessness that occurs in the evening or while the sun is setting. Moving the festivities earlier in the day may help to avoid that.

7. Maintain your routine.

A daily routine can be helpful for both you and your loved one. Stick to your care receiver’s regular daily schedule as much as possible.

8. Take time for yourself.

It’s easy to get run-down during the busy holiday season. Preserve your strength, ask for help, and accept help that is offered. Make sure you do something extra special for yourself to enjoy the season.


If you know the primary caregiver of an older adult, please consider hosting a Caregiver Tea. We will send someone to speak to your group about caregiver self-care and the range of care options available for aging adults. Any caregiver attending a Tea who lives with his or her care receiver will be given 40 hours of free respite care service.

If you are interested in hosting a Tea, or if you would like more information on JFCS Klein Older Adult Services, please contact Mauri Malka at (502) 452-6341, ext. 250.

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