Migration Patterns of Louisville's Young and College-Educated

Today’s blog written by Director of Career Services, Bob Tiell.

A recent study suggested that, compared to its peer cities, Louisville has been #1 in retaining college educated young folks over the past few years. (The study is viewable here, in PDF format -Ed.) However, on closer inspection, the study suggests that in raw volume we’ve not necessarily gained as many young college educated folks over that period of time when compared to our peer cities.  Nevertheless, the study does pretty clearly suggest that, once we get young talent here, we’re retaining them better than other cities—truly a trend to celebrate. The study further suggests that we remain relatively low in educational attainment which of course our community’s 55K degrees initiative is working hard to counter.

JFCS is the longest standing career, college and educational advisement provider in our region. We serve the entire community, and we help students of all ages define career and schooling goals that promote educational attainment. If you or someone you know needs to pin down career path or majors before attempting a return to school, JFCS is your provider of choice.  For further information, contact Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services & Workforce Development. 502 452 6341 ext. 230.



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