Microenterprise: Taking Names and Cashing Checks!

Today’s blog is written by Gary Liebert, Micro Business Specialist

This is a photo of Pedro Morejon, a refugee from Cuba. Pedro is proudly displaying a check he’ll use to buy a semi-truck! Pedro has been a truck driver for over 30 years. He’s been living in the Louisville area for a few years, and has been doing some truck jobs, driving a rented semi, but he wanted to buy his own truck. With his own truck he could become an independent trucker, able to contract directly with local trucking and brokerage companies.

Pedro came to JFCS to receive individual technical assistance (TA) to write a business plan, with the goal of starting his own business. He worked with staff at the Center for Enterprise Development at JFCS to write his plan. He then took that plan before the JFCS loan committee, where he was approved for a small loan. With that loan — combined with his own savings — Pedro was able to buy a used truck. With his own truck, Pedro will now be able to earn a better living, and he’ll continue to receive follow up TA services, to help him grow his business in the future. Also in the photo are Bob Heil, from JFCS’ partner, Community Ventures Corporation, and Gary Liebert, Micro Business Specialist at JFCS.

For more on JFCS’ microenterprise development, check out our website, where we list existing microenterprises that have been aided by JFCS, or see our schedules for getting started with your own business!

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