Mega Icy Friday Updates

This is our agency door out back right now – ‘In Every Season’! I think the ice looks quite pretty there on those crabapples, but I am also a big fan of traction for my car and feet 🙂 Be careful out there!

The Marketing Department is going to be closed until New Year’s – so look for our next blog then! We will be back in action after a holiday vacation (no doubt involving scads of sewing, on this girl’s part). So while we will be out, the agency will still be open, except for on December 24 & 31.

In the meantime, we are still scouting for feedback in our cyberbullying and internet safety workshop’s planning stages. Would you be interested in attending? Do you think children should be more closely monitored when they’re on the internet? How much monitoring is too much? Let’s discuss this in the comments below during the Holiday Blog Interim of 2010!

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