Maximizing College Student’s Winter Break

The extra-long college break can offer a college student an excellent opportunity to catch up with family, friends, laundry, and sleep. It can also be a great time for students and their families to step back and evaluate their plans for college and their careers. This time off from studies can be a time for someone early in their college career to decide on their major and course selection. Career assessment and counseling through JFCS can provide insight on how one’s interests, personality, and abilities can help them choose a major in something that can lead to a fulfilling career that utilizes their unique talents.

Here are a few tips to maximize winter break:

·         Find resources and develop skills. If your college or university offers online classes, check to see if there is a winter term class available for which you can sign up. It will most likely cost extra money, but if you are behind on credits or need a class that isn’t offered throughout the year, it could be an option to help you graduate on time. You also can take online skills building classes in your field of interest.  Check out Coursera, Codeacademy, Udemy, or edX.

·         Build and expand professional networks. Winter break is an opportune time for students to build their LinkedIn profile and start reaching out to professionals in the industry. Several tasks can be achieved during semester breaks, such as taking professional headshots for social media, revising your resume and investing in appropriate work attire. Also, consider taking on some part-time work, either at a past summer job, a temp agency or become a “gig-preneur” with a few small projects.

·         Get involved with community service. It’s a great talking point for your résumé. Look for opportunities that match your interests and location. You may pick up a new skill or discover an interest you never knew you had, and you never know what opportunities could arise post-graduation from networking with new people.

For a student about to graduate, winter break allows you to get a jumpstart on a post-college job search. JFCS can help you plan for a strategic job search and help you highlight your skills and experiences in college and how those can be transferable to the workplace.

For more information about our Career and College Quest program, email Career Services or call 502-452-6341.

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