Light up Someone's Day with "Candle Power"

Today’s blog written by Kim Toebbe, Volunteer Coordinator

When the lights go out due to power outages, don’t you feel anxious?  It causes us to feel “powerless” if you will pardon the pun.  What do we do?  We scramble for candles and once we have lit the first one, we feel a little bit better.  Things are illuminated; we won’t stumble in the dark.  When we light more candles, the light is exponentially better, and we may even be able to carry on somewhat normally.

Volunteering is kind of like “candle power.”  JFCS has many clients who are struggling to overcome obstacles.  If JFCS can get one volunteer to help, then that’s great.  But when we get more volunteers, then we can “light the way” for many more clients.

None of us can do everything, but each of us working together can do a lot to ease the suffering of those less fortunate.  Try to put yourself in someone else’s place and think how it might be to find yourself stranded.  Unfortunately many seniors have their car keys taken away.  What if the JFCS PALS program could help these seniors get to bridge club, hairdresser appointments, medical appointments and shopping?  What if the volunteer who drives on these errands had a smiling, friendly face?

We hear often from PALS drivers that they actually get a lot out of the rides too!  Drivers often become very attached to their clients and friendships are formed.  PALS drivers report feeling like they are the real winners with this mitzvah.  So if you want to know what PALS is about and how you can become involved, please call now:  Kim Toebbe, JFCS Volunteer Coordinator at (502) 452-6341.


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