Laughing all the Way!

Today’s post is written by Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services

Many of us believe that a sense of humor is vital to our lives, including our work lives. Humor keeps things in perspective. Remember the movie “Doc Hollywood”? It was a delightful film starring Michael J. Fox. (The story goes that Fox actually discovered he had Parkinson’s while making this movie.)

In keeping with its organizational mission, JFCS periodically brings nationally recognized guest speakers to town. Earlier this year, for example, we brought in the author of the book on which “Doc Hollywood” was based. Dr. Neil Schulman is his name, and humor is his game. Schulman, a specialist at Emory University’s School of Medicine (and pictured above), de-mystifies medical issues we encounter as we age, and he does it with humor.

JFCS conducts ongoing seminars and workshops around a variety of topics. JFCS also operates a speakers’ bureau. If an organization you know needs a speaker around a given topic, please encourage them to contact JFCS. JFCS also rents out its space to organizations in the community for professional training and development, staff retreats and other similar purposes.

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