JFCS Welcomes the stranger.



The Courier Journal on 1/11/16 highlighted the annual MOSAIC Awards, which benefits JFCS and recognizes foreign-born talent.  Current worldwide issues have clouded many realities of the positive aspects of immigrants. JFCS experiences reflect the following:

  • We are a nation of immigrants; we can all trace our ancestry back to somewhere else.
  • JFCS has worked with the refugee population for more than a century as a part of its mission to welcome the stranger.
  • JFCS works closely with other local organizations assisting refugees including the Kentucky Office for Refugees, Catholic Charities and Kentucky Refugee Ministries.
  • There is a thorough vetting process for legal refugees coming into our country, which can take as long as two years to complete.
  • Studies demonstrate that our country’s future competitiveness depends greatly on

attracting the best and brightest from outside our shores, be it STEM-related talent

or other disciplines..

Diversity in our population provides opportunities for growth. Let’s consider how our community can most benefit from this emerging talent source.

– Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services & Workforce Development

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