JFCS Welcomes New CEO!

JFCS Welcomes Deb Frockt as New CEO

Half a lifetime ago, I packed up a little car and moved from Louisville to Seattle to start a new life. A few days ago, my husband and I packed up a big truck and moved from Seattle to Louisville to start a new, new life.

We arrived to hear a collective voice saying, “Welcome home,” and to see a tremendous net of support unfurl itself before our very eyes. And, this is fitting because Jewish Family & Career Services is the net of support for community, from community.

JFCS is our trusted touchstone when things are changing, and we are challenged in ways we could not have imagined. As we navigate our most intimate relationships. With parents and spouses, as aging or illness present new challenges. With the young adults in our lives taking those sometime awkward steps toward independence and maturity. With our selves as we look for our own next steps of meaning and feel ready to give more but confront a world that may see us as past our “best by” date.

JFCS is for community — here to strengthen individual, family, work, and community life and enhance self-sufficiency. JFCS is from community — here to reflect the enduring values of Jewish tradition.

I look forward to hearing from you, learning with you and working together to repair the world, in the place we call home.

Warmest regards.


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