JFCS Was The Turning Point For Me In Getting To Where I Am Right Now

After working in retail for her whole life, Maggie Nelson knew that she needed a change. “I didn’t like retail anymore, and I got to a point where I also knew I couldn’t survive making that kind of money. A month after I finished working with a JFCS career counselor I put in an application for my current job at RL Craig Company, and they asked me for an interview.”

Maggie appreciated the one-on-one aspect of working with JFCS. “Definitely, for me personally since I have a learning discrepancy, the most helpful was the one-on-one with somebody,” she said. “Not that I mind doing big workshops, but a part of me feels like I get a little bit lost in the crowd, especially if a whole bunch of people are asking questions and I’m trying to write everything down.”

This one-on-one aspect allowed Maggie to create a personal relationship with her career counselor, and thus search for and find a job match that was suited to her personality and strengths. “Erin was really great,” Maggie said. “I really enjoyed working with her, and she really helped me out a lot. It was definitely having that personal connection with somebody to help you find a job. With her new job that she started after going through career counseling at JFCS, Maggie now hopes to save enough money to buy a house with her boyfriend. She also now has weekends off, which she calls “an amazing feeling.” The switch from retail to her current job offers her a “better atmosphere,” and has “been a nice change.”

“JFCS was just really great,” Maggie said. “I really think that going to JFCS was the turning point for me in getting to where I am right now, and finally getting what I jokingly call a “big girl” job. I couldn’t be more thankful for their help, for Erin’s help, and everything. I’m really glad that I listened to my counselor, and went down that avenue to JFCS.”

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Erin Heakin, M.Ed. is a certified career counselor who specializes in supporting youth and young professionals in their career development.  Erin has worked for JFCS in the Career & Workforce Development department since 2014 and is trained as a MBTI facilitator.

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