JFCS Provides a Safety Net for Families

Nothing can be more unsettling than a cross-country move to a new community.  Often a family has to re-create their support network, get settled, as well as find work for the trailing spouse.  Just locating where you bank can be daunting.

Sarah, her husband, Todd, and their children recently moved to Kentucky from Oklahoma for Todd to pursue a job.  They found a house and began to plan their move.  Shortly after relocating to Louisville, Todd lost his job, leaving the family without a source of income.  Unable to face another transition, they decided to stay in Kentucky and hope for the best. The good news is that Todd recently found a job; however, with little savings and a salary that won’t cover their bills, Sarah was losing sleep and felt trapped.  She remembered there was a Jewish Family Service in her hometown that once helped them and so she reached out to JFCS.

After meeting with one of our counselors, Sarah knows she is not alone, and she knows she has a network of support.  Her counselor was able to help her create a realistic budget. They are using the JFCS food pantry just to make ends meet while they wait for Todd’s first few paychecks.  Sarah also is utilizing the JFCS career services department to explore job opportunities that will allow her to work from home. Sarah and Todd also were referred to other community resources to help them get back on their feet.  For ongoing support, Sarah will continue to meet with her counselor.

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