JFCS Partners with KentuckyOne Health and Mayor’s Summer Works on Healthcare Connect Program

Written by Kendyll Vance, JFCS Career Services Intern, Mayor’s SummerWorks Program

JFCS recently partnered with Mayor’s SummerWorks and KentuckyOne Health to develop a summer internship program for youth between the ages of 18-21. JFCS Healthcare Connect offered seven young women the chance to work at KentuckyOne Jewish Hospital for seven weeks over the summer, which will serve as an extended interview that could lead to long-term employment at the hospital.

Interns with Rabbi Siritsky

Erin Heakin, teaching the STAR Method for answering interview questions.

This program started in May with interviews and a series of job readiness workshops over four days to help the future interns apply the six core values of the healthcare connect program (professionalism, reliability, communication, teamwork, trust and respect, and excellence) and succeed in the workforce. The workshops were led by Kendall Thirlwell and Erin Heakin, both JFCS Career Counselors.

The first day included introductions, and then the students did a group activity involving the students putting on short skits with the themed around the core values. Lastly, they did an introduction to resumes which included using the best practices and helping some students revise their resume. At the end of the session, Kendall and Erin talked about how the key is communication and enthusiasm and attitude is everything.

On the second day, they focused more on professionalism in the workplace. Kendall talked about S.M.A.R.T. goals, praise, criticism, and feedback, responding to conflict, ethics as a professional, social media, and the seven steps of the employment process.

Panel Discussion

On the third day, the students were preparing for their placement interviews. JFCS partnered with the Louisville Society for Human Resource Management (LSHRM) and Dress for Success to help the students get prepared for the real interviews. LSHRM brought in five volunteers to assist in the mock interviews, and all the students did exceptionally. However, before the interviews, Kendall and Erin helped the students prepare by going over “hard questions” and traditional vs. behavioral questions and how to use the Situation/Task, Action, Results (STAR) method to answer questions while interviewing.

On the last day, the real interviews and the mentor reception took place. Before the interviews, the students had a sit down with some of the mentors and Rabbi Dr. Nadia Siritsky while they shared their life stories and how they got to where they are now. They also told them some tips about college.

After the panel discussion, the students started the interview process. They were interviewing for the environmental services, patient transport, and patient care assistant (PCA) jobs. The head of each department interviewing the students, and they had about 10 minutes with each student. The interviews went well, and all of the students were placed into an internship position in which they could learn a variety of aspects of healthcare. One student also received a scholarship for the PCA certification.

After the interviews, the students were paired with their mentors, who work in many different positions at Jewish Hospital. They were given a chance to talk to them personally and build a connection.

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