JFCS Offers Diabetes Support

Returning to JFCS’ roster of support groups and services this fall is the Diabetes Support Group, led by Hannah Cooper, Counseling Student. Diabetes can seem like an overwhelming force, impacting one’s daily life in a multitude of ways. Don’t let it stop you – you’re not alone! As of January 2011, the American Diabetes Association counts 25.8 million children and adults as having this condition. Finding yourself in such good company, this group can enable you to reach out and find support from friends, family, peers, and other Diabetes sufferers, helping you to improve your outlook and condition immensely.

Individuals with diabetes will have the chance to talk about having a chronic condition and share the ways they cope. The group is free to the public and will meet the third Monday of each month at 3:30 pm, beginning September 19 in the JFCS library!

Discussions will include:
• Coping with diabetes in relationships
• Coping with your body image, food and exercise
• Decreasing anxiety about complications
• Reducing fears of low blood glucose
• Staying on track during times of stress

For more information, please contact Hannah Cooper at (502) 452-6341 ext. 308 or [email protected]


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