JFCS Navigate in DC

Dan Heffernan attended the Association for Enterprise Opportunity Conference April 30 – May 1 in Washington, D.C . This is the National Conference held annually that brings Micro Enterprise Programs from around the country together for networking, discussion, workshops and seminars. It was a wonderful week capped off by a trip to Capitol Hill, letting Congress know about the importance of funding programs such as the JFCS Navigate Enterprise Center. The overall theme of the Conference was sustainability and the need for Washington to take microenterprise more seriously. In fact, micro-businesses are now the number one source of new jobs created in the US. Where the gap lies is that the Department of Labor does not recognize microenterprise businesses as job creation. It most certainly is job creation, and there is a real push to get the DOL to change their metric to reflect microenterprise businesses as jobs being created in addition to just a small business.


To learn more about the AEOC, go to http://www.microenterpriseworks.org/


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