JFCS’ Food Pantry Helps Seniors

I can’t speak highly enough about the JFCS Food Pantry, something I never knew existed until 16 months ago. Needing financial assistance of any kind is not something anyone ever plans. Asking for that support is far easier said than done, especially for formerly independent self-sufficient seniors. SNAP EBT cards (formerly called food stamps) just don’t cover monthly food expenses and force even the most resourceful seniors to always juggle mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, gas, food and medical costs in never expected ways.

I went to a Dare to Care monthly food bank at a local church several years ago. I arrived 10 minutes after the doors opened, but when my number was finally called more than an hour later, there was barely anything left that I could use. Later I got a suggestion to contact JFCS for another kind of assistance and through that contact learned about their food pantry. This has become a personal godsend for me. The sensitivity and personal dignity built into their policy eliminate most personal embarrassment associated with needing help in the first place.  Donors who support the pantry are so generous that there are always many essential and diverse items on the shelves. Just as important for me is the mere fact of making a private appointment and being greeted by someone smiling, helpful and never judgemental. What an absolutely fabulous community asset! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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