JFCS’ Career Academy Highlighted in the Mayor’s State of the City Address

Dr. Faten Abdullah

Last week, Mayor Greg Fischer shared the story of Dr. Faten Abdullah in his State of the City Address. The shared that Dr. Abdullah, “studied medicine in her native Iraq, but couldn’t practice when she arrived as a refugee in 2008. With program help from Jewish Family and Career Services, she passed the re-credentialing exams, and today, she works at Norton Healthcare, treating Louisville families.”

Through our Career Academy program run by Kristina Mielke, Career and Employment Specialist for Louisville’s Refugee Population, refugees and immigrants who have been in the US less than five years can return to careers they had in their home country or help them plan for a different career here in the US.   Career Academy is offered free of charge to Louisville’s refugee population. It aims to help them become self-sufficient through adequate employment by working with our career specialists to achieve a satisfying career. Our staff helps them to learn if they qualify for financial assistance to pay for any job training they may need as well as to help them work through the recertification/re-credentialing process.

For more information about Career Academy and our other multicultural services visit https://jfcslouisville.org/multicultural-services/#refugee-careers.