JFCS attends White House visit – Building Welcoming Communities Campaign

Mary Cleary (JFCS -Grants & Information Manager) Mary - White House 2 was a member of the Louisville delegation to the National Skills and Credential Institute hosted by the White House Task Force on New Americans on June 29th. The Institute provided 18 delegations from 17 states the opportunity to share current best practices and to develop tools and resources to address credentialing and licensing issues that skilled immigrant and refugee professionals confront when seeking to enter the workforce. Other members of the Louisville delegation were Bryan Warren, Director, Office for Globalization – ‎Louisville Metro Government; Cindy Read Deputy Director – KentuckianaWorks; and Emily Brandon, Program Manager for Global Talent and Workforce Inclusion – Greater Louisville Inc.

Last September, the President called on local governments to commit to creating welcoming environments for immigrants and refugees through the White House Task Force on New Americans Building Welcoming Communities Campaign. More than 50 cities and counties, Louisville among them, have answered the call. On June 30th, the delegation attended a celebration of the communities participating in the Building Welcoming Communities Campaign and announced the release of a new report, Bright Spots in Welcoming and Integration, highlighting how participating communities are creating welcoming environments. The report notes that, “Through the Global Louisville Initiative, the City of Louisville (KY) created a regional working group comprised of Louisville Metro Government, Greater Louisville, Inc. (Chamber of Commerce), and workforce, education, and immigrant and refugee service organizations to focus on skills and credentials for underemployed and unemployed skilled immigrant professionals. The group is focused on developing an asset map of services provided by employment and job-readiness programs, organizing a “brain waste” summit, and piloting a program to increase participation rates of Latinos working toward health careers.” JFCS, which has been engaged in providing re-credentialing services to skilled refugees for decades, is a part of this working group.

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