Jewish Women in Recovery – July

Coming up on July 15 is a meeting of Jewish Women in Recovery, providing an opportunity for Jewish women who are currently members of any 12 step recovery programs to meet for fellowship and conversation.

Many in our Jewish community are still under the belief that Jews do not have problems with addiction.  In fact, there are many Jews who regularly attend AA, Alanon, Overeaters Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous or other meetings. Alcohol and chemical dependency as well as other addictions do not discriminate;  they affect Jews as frequently as they do any other group. The guilt and shame that result from this false and dangerous myth keep many Jews from seeking the help they need and deserve.

JWIR provides the opportunity to meet with other Jews in recovery creating “a great time to share with others in a way that we don’t get to do in our meetings,” says one individual who attends regularly; “JWIR has been very meaningful for me.” In addition to JWIR, JFCS has a confidential phone line answered by a Jew in recovery who can answer questions, direct people to help and provide support. That phone number is 727-9287.  Calls come in regularly and often are a first call for help.

All information remains strictly confidential and anonymous.

For more information on this or other services related to addiction or recovery, contact the confidential phone line (727-9287), leave a message and your phone call will be returned. You also can contact Judy Freundlich Tiell at (502) 452-6341 ext. 224 for information on the location and time of the meeting.

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