JFCS Jobs & Enterprise Center Delivers Results

Our Jobs & Enterprise Center, located at YouthBuild Louisville (812 South Preston Street), has had great success in the past year. JFCS staff members Andrea Goins and Dan Heffernan spend part of their time at the YouthBuild location, where they address employment and workforce development issues in the neighborhood.

This program is funded by Chase Bank, and as a grant recipient, the Jobs & Enterprise Center has to meet certain benchmarks. At the end of the project year, we are happy to report that our results have exceeded our goals and our expectations! We want to share are a few outcomes of which we are particularly proud.

Our goal in holding job search workshops was for 80 percent of our participants to complete the process. That means that an individual would set an employment, career or enterprise goal and then develop a plan with realistic steps that would help him or her to achieve that goal. Our actual result was that 83 percent of participants followed through with the creation of a goal and a plan.

Our individual job search assistance goal was a 70 percent employment rate. We are so pleased to say that of the people who enrolled in individual job search services, 81 percent were able to obtain employment. Many of the people we serve are young adults looking for careers in construction, hospitality and other fields with the potential for upward mobility. Pay rates for entry-level positions in these areas tend to be low, but our clients were able to achieve an average salary of $9.08 per hour, which exceeded our projection of an average at $8 per hour.

For those clients who found employment, our six-month retention goal was 80 percent. That means that for those who were employed, we hoped 80 percent would keep their jobs at least six months. In this area, we exceeded our goal by 11 percent, because 91 percent of our clients who found employment were still employed when we checked in after six months.

Those are really great results for our original goals, and we hope you’ll join us in congratulating Dan and Andrea for their work with YouthBuild at the Jobs & Enterprise Center. We hope next year is an even greater success!

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