It all starts with a dream: Navigate Enterprise Center

Jenny Gutierrez came to the United States in 2012 to create a better life for her daughter, Diana. Originally from Venezuela, Jenny had a frightening experience with kidnapping as a young woman and moved to the United States when she had Diana.  “I did not want her to ever go through a similar experience, so I came here,” Jenny said.

In Venezuela, Jenny owned three companies: a graphic design firm, a jewelry store, and an event-planning company. When she came to the States, she had to start all over. Jenny found her first job as a waitress at Havana Rumba,  “I started as a waitress at Havana Rumba, worked many jobs, and saved money to start my own business eventually,” Jenny said.

This was the start of JD Creative. In the beginning, all production took place in her own home.  In 2014, Navigate Enterprise Center helped Jenny with a loan in order to buy her first commercial printer. They also provided Jenny with business support and advice and in the past year, Jenny has opened her first storefront on Preston Highway.  Jenny is now able to support not only herself and her daughter but also her 13-year-old brother, Christian.

In May, JD Creative and Jenny were highlighted on Wave3 News with Shannon Cogan. JD Creative was also highlighted at this year’s Navigate Enterprise Center Showcase during the MOSAIC Awards dinner. To find out more about Navigate Enterprise Center visit or call 502-452-6341.

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