Have you been cyberbullied?

Today’s blog written by Beverly Bromley, Director of Development & Marketing

Cyberbullying involves the use of e-mails, cell phones, text messages, personal websites and social networks by an individual or group to intentionally and repeatedly harm others. The people who bully often do so to diminish others and to gain power and control; they bully to inflate their own egos and/or reflecting their own insecurities. Bullies often do things in cyberspace that they would not ordinarily do in face-to-face or real life interactions. Cyberbullying is a particularly cowardly form of bullying – with the anonymity they have online, cyberbullies do not have to “own” their actions and often do not fear being punished. Without having to see the impact their actions have on a victim, cyberbullying can result in a deeper level of meanness, with devastating effect.

Have you had any experiences personally or know of examples of this type of aggression against others? JFCS is exploring the possibility of a workshop on cyberbullying. Your feedback will be appreciated!

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