Is a Degree Right For You?

Today’s blog written by Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services

Just as research suggests there is a positive correlation between earning power and psychological well-being, so is there also a significant positive correlation between educational attainment and earning power. For folks who are considering a return to school and/or finishing up a degree, there are usually lots of questions and concerns running through their minds including questions like:

  • Can I cut it?
  • What career path would suit me best?
  • What major or course of study makes the most sense for me?
  • Will my future earning power outweigh the costs for higher education?


Studies historically have shown that getting closure on a degree is indeed a good return on investment. For decades JFCS has worked with situations described above. We are the longest standing independent career and college services provider in the region. If you happen to be one of the many individuals considering a return to school, JFCS is well equipped to assist. We can be reached at 502 452 6341 or [email protected]


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