Imagine Yourself as an Intern…

Today’s blog is written by Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services & Workforce Development

How many organizations do you know that have an internship program-be it paid or non-paid? Does your organization use interns?

Our Chamber of Commerce, GLI, operates Intern to Earn which is designed to coordinate internship efforts throughout our region. JFCS has collaborated with GLI on internship efforts, has hosted internship briefings for the non-profit sector, and can help both aspiring interns as well as employers who may want to learn more about starting an internship program. As a community based organization, JFCS itself uses interns at various times.

To learn more about internships and ways to create value added experiences for your organization, we invite employers to contact either GLI or JFCS (at 502-452-6341) for more information.

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