Humor Can Be A Big Idea

This year’s IdeaFestival has come and gone, and we hope that many of you had the opportunity to attend. This marvelous annual event hosts cutting-edge speakers and topics that combine to allow the community to celebrate diversity, creativity and innovation.

One IF session dealt with humor as an important human attribute. Chris Bliss delivered a talk on the topic of “Comedy as Translation.” Even if you missed the IdeaFestival, you can still see a version of his presentation on YouTube:

In our Career & Workforce Development division, we view humor as an important “soft skill.” Soft skills, like sense of humor or emotional intelligence, represent important components of one’s skills set.

As part of our career management and assessment process, we typically include soft skill metrics, because these skills play an important role in career and employment decisions. Shortcomings in soft skill areas may cost that extra professional and workforce development edge. JFCS can help clients assess these factors and identify ways to improve.

For further information, contact Bob Tiell, director of Career & Workforce Development, at (502) 452-6345, ext. 230.

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