How to Better Balance Life and Work

Today’s blog written by Kim Toebbe, Volunteer Coordinator

“Community improvement is like investing.  You would love to make short-term investments and receive a big return but that is unlikely to happen.  In order to receive the return on investment you want, you must invest for the long-term and be patient while your investment steadily grows.”

-from the book Bring a Dish to Pass/The Civil Action of Community Improvement by Kent Roberts and Jay Newman.

A paradigm shift which indicates workers are no longer willing to give everything they have to their jobs indicates that workers are more than ever interested in striking a healthier balance between work and personal time.

Workers who in prior eras worked countless hours and were on call when at home are becoming less common as workers realize that without balance no one can truly prosper.  Breadwinning parents want to be as involved as second-earners in families with active children which is good for  family and the community.  Often both incomes are primary and both partners must work full-time in addition to raising a family; both parents still want a rich family life.

What ideas do busy people offer to better balance life and work?

  • Get organized!  Write down your tasks, goals and deadlines.  Evaluate how much time each item should take before beginning and try to stick with those deadlines.
  • Prioritize!  Those tasks which must be finished first should be tackled before beginning a task which may run into multiple days or sessions.  Allot appropriate time each day to dedicate to chipping away at these larger kinds of tasks.
  • Pay attention to your health!  Make nutrition, rest and exercise priorities each day and make every effort to stick with a routine.  Drink water during your day and keep caffeine to a minimum so that sleep is not adversely affected.  If you are unhealthy you will not get as much done at work or at home.
  • Try your best to accept invitations to enjoyable events:  concerts, plays, movies, parties, etc.  so that you will feel rejuvenated by good experiences instead of living just to work.
  • Do chores if you can before or after work a little at a time so that your whole time off is not taken up with laundry, cleaning and errands.
  • Pay attention when loved ones speak to you-give them the same attention or more that you would typically give someone on the job.
  • Really listen to what others are saying so that you don’t waste time repeating the same ideas over again.
  • Take notes on whatever device or paper notepad you choose and don’t clutter your brain trying to recall minute details which can be written down and referred to as needed.

Great suggestions, Kim! We’ll keep that in mind as the frenzy of preparation for Monday’s massive Republic Bank Golf Tournament winds down – we’ll have lots to report on it, so stay tuned! -Ed.

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