How Many Job Changes Will You Make?

Today’s blog written by Bob Tiell, Director of Career Services

We’re sometimes asked how many career changes on average a person makes in a lifetime. Various studies, including the Department of Labor, suggest three to five. However, there’s no hard data, and this question warrants elaboration.

  • It depends on how we define “career.” A career usually includes multiple jobs and folks typically have a larger number of job changes (7 to 10) compared to career changes (3 to 5) over the course of their adult working life.
  • It’s hard to pin down a precise number because some studies look at job changes, some at larger career changes, and some look at a combination of the two.
  • Recognizing these research constraints, it is nevertheless acknowledged that, compared to past generations, folks now have more frequent job and career changes over their working life.

The era of remaining with a single employer for one’s entire work life is over. There is much more fluidity in our contemporary work lives, and this requires folks to be proactive and strategic in the way they manage their careers. JFCS is in the business of assisting folks on career and/or employment transitions and is your preferred career services provider. For information, contact Bob Tiell, Director Career Services & Workforce Development, (502) 452-6341 or [email protected]

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