Hitting a Snag with the Job Interview?

Today’s blog written by Bob Tiell, Director Career & Workforce Development

Getting the job interview is often hard enough to come by. When secured, success at the interview stage is critical for being able to land the job. The job interview is also typically infused with mixed feelings. At its best, the interview represents for the applicant an opportunity for useful dialogue. At its worst, the applicant views the interview as defeat and disappointment. The reality is that some folks are better prepared to deliver a solid job interview than others. Managing the interview for maximum effect should be the goal for every job applicant. Techniques and resources exist that can allow this to occur. Improving one’s interview skills and preparedness can go far toward promoting a professional air, thereby generating more job offers and successful interview outcomes.

JFCS has been in business for more than a century and provides a wide range of Career & Workforce Development Services, including interviewing workshops. JFCS’ interviewing workshops offer a unique, innovative approach that helps participants identify pertinent strengths and values and then constructively translate these factors into the interview. We call this workshop “From Strengths to Storytelling: Nailing the Job Interview.”

The first 4 hour workshop offered this year is scheduled for February 18  and February 20, (Monday and Wednesday evening respectively) from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at JFCS, conveniently located at 2821 Klempner Way. Workshops are open to the entire community. For workshop information and registration, please contact Janet Poole, (502) 452 – 6341, ext. 222. Registration deadline is Monday, February 11.


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