Hilary's Hanukah Help!

Do you remember our post a little while back about Hilary Reskin’s Bat Mitzvah project? She sold Jewish Silly Bands, raising money to make Hankuah AWESOME for underprivileged families. Hillary’s Bat Mitzvah is this week, and I got to talk to her and her mom about the project!

Hilary loves helping people. She says that she always wishes she could do a lot more – she got busy with her Bat Mitzvah and schoolwork, otherwise she would have gone around asking for even more help and donations.

Hilary is also planning on giving a check for $100.00 of her own money to the JFCS! (wow!) She has collected gifts and new clothes and diapers for the JCPS Teen Age Parent Program (TAPP)’s bunny hutch. (The bunny hutch is offered as an incentive to keep the mothers in school, rather than going out and getting a job to buy holiday gifts. Instead, the school gives them incentive tickets each day they attend school and as they add up they get to go the the bunny hutch and buy gifts with their tickets.)

She’s one busy girl, and it was great to meet her and hear all about her efforts to make the holiday season a little brighter! Thank you so much, Hilary, and mazel tov!

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