Helping Seniors and Their Families Maintain Independence

Esther, a 103-year-old holocaust survivor, immigrated to the U.S in the 90’s.  Even though her English is limited and with advancing age, she has become frail is motivated to maintain her independence living in her own home.  Several months ago she was hospitalized and was forced to move in with family members to recuperate.  During her stay with family, JFCS was able to provide them with respite care during the week, so they could continue to work.  While Esther loves her family and they love her, she was desperate to return to the comfort of her own home.

Through the Survivor Homecare program, our JFCS home care aides go daily during the week to help Esther get breakfast, monitor her meds and provide personal care assistance as needed.  Gloria, Esther’s favorite aide, helps her with mail and even to run errands to the grocery store.  Additionally, she assists her in getting to and from medical appointments.

Since returning home with the help of JFCS, Esther’s health has improved, and she has maintained her independence.  Without this assistance, she may have been forced into a nursing home, or she may have had to move in permanently with her family.

JFCS is proud to help Esther maintain her independence while providing her family with the tools and support to keep her safe and healthy at home.  To learn more about the services our Klein Older Adult Center offers visit or call 502-452-6341.

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