Help a Refugee build a Future with JFCS Navigate's New Program

Beginning March 1, JFCS will be hosting a program that trains refugee women to be registered childcare providers. We have a group of amazing volunteers who have donated their time to the program but we are in need of the following supplies:

Newspapers, construction paper, children’s scissors, pens & pencils, markers, crayons, glue, magazines, children’s books, fabric scraps, poly fill, tempera paint, craft paint & brushes, tape (scotch, duct, masking), buckets for play, plastic/fabric/rubber balls (no smaller than 3 inches in diameter), computer paper, dried beans, popcorn kernels, film canisters (if you remember what these are!), tupperware, yarn, string, needles, diapers, baby wipes, music player, blank cds, disposable plates & cups (plastic or paper), paper towels, coat hangers, “dress up” clothes, children’s toys, dolls, thermometers, first aid supplies, oatmeal containers, coffee canisters, baby bottles, baby feeding utensils.

If you have some of these items to donate to the project, we are collecting the items in the Navigate Enterprise Center offices at JFCS.

We also are recruiting volunteers for the program. If you wish to volunteer, please contact JFCS at (502) 452-6341. Thanks!

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