Have your references cost you a job?

Today’s Blog is written by Bob Steinman, Job Search Terminator

You may never know, but manage those references carefully, and they will help you get the job. Here’s how.

When you leave a job, leave with the best possible feelings between you and your boss. Former supervisors likely will be called as references. So, don’t lose your cool when leaving. Don’t provide a litany about the company, the boss, or your associates.

Make leaving a job one of mutual acceptance by offering to help the transition to your replacement, leaving your records and company property in good shape and asking for permission to use them as a reference, even though you may have been fired! Usually, they will not want to ‘block’ you ability to get that next position.

Call each of your former supervisors – not HR people (even if you were ‘let go’) and ask if they would be willing to act as positive references for you. Tell them that you will not give permission to call except for the serious job opportunities, so they won’t be ‘bothered’ by lots of calls.

Now here is an important hint – whenever you are interviewed ask the interviewer, very politely, not to check your references until they are serious about offering you a job in which case you will be happy to call your references and give permission to answer all questions asked.

When you call your references, describe with whom and what you are interviewing for and ask if they will provide a good reference for you especially in areas that you name as being important for getting the new job. In this way, they will help you get your new job.

In those cases where the ‘old boss (or you) says ‘no way will I be a reference’, you will know that you may have to explain something about that job or boss at your interview – or you may want to get someone else from that firm as a reference.

About Bob Steinman – For ten years, Steinman and his wife operated their own successful, one-on-one career development and outplacement business. He created custom campaigns for people who were unemployed, reentering job markets, re-careering, or looking to advance from stagnant jobs. Steinman has a degree in electrical engineering, and completed post graduate studies toward an MBA in Marketing.

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