Happy New Year!

Phew! It’s good to be back! The marketing department is very much back in action today (equipped with brand-new snowflakes on the window – very tricky to photograph). I hope very much that good holidays were had by all! Are you excited for 2011?

Our beloved 2010 intern Dena came by for a visit today, too! It was good to catch up and reminisce about desserts, now that she is back in the busy world of academia. Best of luck in your studies, Dena!

This week at JFCS, we have for you the meeting of the International Physicians’ Advancement Network! It’s open to all foreign-trained physicians that are interested in networking, or becoming licensed here in the United States. It takes place this Thursday (Jan 6) at 6 pm. Dr. Irene Litvan (a previous MOSAIC award-winner!) will be speaking. You can read more about it here on our homepage.

We have extra snowflakes in all colors, if you want one of your very own! 🙂

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