Happy “Interdependence Day”!

Today’s blog article written by Kim Toebbe, Volunteer Coordinator

As we prepare to fire up the grills, get together with family and friends and safely enjoy some pyrotechnics, perhaps we should reflect on our interdependence on each other rather than our independence.  We all need each other and are interconnected in so many ways.

Had our ancestors accepted the status quo and not worked together to create a just society which filled the needs of its citizens, imagine where America would be today. There is still much work to be done, since a society will always be a work in progress.  Ponder as you celebrate our interdependence on each other ways to repair the world and make it better whether in your own backyard or globally.

Having trouble getting started on your journey of Tikkun Olam, (repairing the world)?  Call JFCS to find out about adoption, education, career, business and volunteer opportunities.  JFCS offers counseling if you are feeling sad, overwhelmed or stuck.  Jewish Family & Career Services helps those who need a leg up, a head start or a new direction in which to go.  For each season of our lives we are interdependent on each other for what we need:  nurturing family and community, good teachers, safety from abuse, hunger and oppression.

Be a sparkler in your family and your community.  Let your inner firecracker come out and wave your flag of individuality as part of a human whole.  Enjoy the abundance most Americans enjoy and think of ways to spread these gifts more equitably.  All people need each other and when we all do better-we all do well!

JFCS will be closed tomorrow in observance of Independence Day, the fourth of July. Have a safe holiday!


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