The GREEN TEAM at JFCS has put some serious thought into organizing a Green Week, full of fun activities for the whole agency, in the spirit of preserving and conserving more of the environmental resources we use. Today was the culmination of Green Week, with a Vegetarian Potluck!

The week’s activities included: departmental Penny Wars, taking Carbon Footprint surveys, a Recycling Box decorating contest, a Green Trivia contest, and even a “Green Dress and Access(orize) Day”.

The Vegetarian Potluck was especially tasty, with a wide variety of flavors brought in from all of JFCS’ skilled chefs! As everyone ate, discussion was had about how everyone ‘goes green’ at home. Mauri uses old newspaper as mulch, Marilyn makes sure cardboard gets recycled, and Angela uses dryer sheets to get pots scrubbed. Contest winners were announced, “As-Seen-On-TV” prizes given, and Gary Liebert stole the show in a head-to-toe green ensemble 🙂 Just look at those shoes!

Thanks, JFCS Green Team: Myra, Gary, Griffin, Bob and Lauren! Way to make “Going Green” a fun and engaging experience for all of JFCS 🙂


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