Join us on September 12, 2019 for the biggest day of local giving!

About Give For Good Louisville

Hosted by the Community Foundation of Louisville, Give For Good Louisville is our community’s biggest day of local giving! For 24-hours, our community comes together with gifts big and small to give back to the nonprofits which are helping change the world around us. The Community Foundation invites everyone to tap into their potential to be a force for good when this year’s giving day returns on September 12, 2019!

What does $10,000 mean for JFCS clients?

  • Food for 4 families for a year
  • Over 500 hours for subsidized home care for seniors aging in place
  • 67 hours of counseling for families
  • 20 unemployed Louisvillians finding jobs
  • 1000 rides for seniors keeping active
  • 4 business building loans to low-income Americans or refugees