Get Your Holiday Hostess Gifts at JFCS

If you’re casting about for a gift or two for Chanukah (Hanukah? Hanukkah? How do you spell it?), JFCS has a few options! Bonus, all proceeds go to the JFCS Sonny & Janet Meyer Family Food Pantry Fund. There’s a limited supply so buy now!

Christopher Radko Ceramic Platter               $12.50

Christopher Radko Ceramic Box                    $5.00
Christopher Radko Ceramic Plate                  $5.00

Happy Chanukah Bowl                                    $5.00

Happy Chanukah Dish                                     $5.00

To get yours, for yourself or others, contact Kim Toebbe at (502) 452-6341 ext. 103. Make your holidays easy!


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