Get Ready for MOSAIC 2012!

JFCS is seeking nominations now to honor new or first-generation immigrants and refugees who excel in the fields of medicine/health care, education, technology, business/commerce, entrepreneurship, government, sports and the arts, as well as making a significant contribution in our community. Honorees will receive the MOSAIC Award, an artistic interpretation of Multicultural Opportunities for Success and Achievement In our Community (MOSAIC).

The MOSAIC Awards are a meaningful way to recognize how our community benefits from multiculturalism, making Louisville a more interesting place, while creating a mosaic of many colors and perspectives.

Nominations can be made by individuals or organizations and must be sent electronically. The deadline for submitting a nomination is November 15, 2011. A review committee of community leaders will select the honorees. Nomination forms are available by clicking here or by calling Beverly Bromley at 502-452-6341.


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