Frost Friday Updates

This morning it was so cold here in Louisville that there was a huge layer of frost on the ground! Finally! It’s been awfully weird having warm weather this late in the year, and now it’s starting to really feel like winter is here. The agency is still toasty and warm though, with friendly faces all around…but that’s  pretty much year-round 🙂

-Tuesday we had our staff retreat and got better acquainted with some of the newer members of our team – especially during the vivacious round of JFCS Jeopardy! Above, you can see our two Andreas (of Career Services) having a great time.

-The latest JFCS e-newsletter is out today, packed full of great photos and news. You can read it here and see what everyone has to say!

-If you missed it earlier in the week, the Job Seekers Resource Group is coming back. Sign up early to take your job search to the next level!

-Next week kicks off the beginning of the website revamp! Don’t look for drastic changes, but more of a streamlining. The intent is to make information (and there’s a LOT of it, because the agency does a lot) much easier to find. Stay tuned!

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