Friday Fun Fundraiser!

The week is over and fall is just getting started! Before you head out to enjoy the great weather this weekend, be sure to pick up some fun accessories for a great cause — Hillary Reskin is currently selling Jewish Silly Bands for her Bat Mitzvah Project! The cost for each pack is $5.00. The pack includes 2 silly bands each of a Torah, Shofar, Hamsa, Star of David, Chai and Dreidel all in bright colors.

Hillary’s Bat Mitzvah is December 11, 2010 just after Hanukkah! She’s donating 100% of her profits to help Jewish families here in Louisville have a better Hanukkah, by working with the JFCS and Hanukkah Helpers at Temple Shalom to purchase items needed during Hanukkah. They have requested 5-10 new menorahs, potato pancake mix, jars of applesauce and bags of chocolate gelt. She also plans to adopt as many children as possible and buy them Hanukkah Presents! If you would like to purchase Jewish Silly Bands, please call Hillary at 426-7030 or 457-1635.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Get a pack of Hillary’s bracelets and sport them with pride 🙂

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