Fight the Holiday Blues!

If it seems like you’re a bit down this time of year – while everyone else is full of holiday cheer – you’re not alone! Holiday blues are a real thing, and can make the “happiest time of the year” one of the worst.  Those who might be at risk include those who have had a death in the family, those who have experienced financial setbacks at the holidays, are separated from loved ones, or in general have been through a big loss or lifestyle change. This great video from Yale University discusses the condition and gives some great tips on how to make this season manageable, not miserable!

Additionally, Psychology Today offers a great list of 10 tips to help you through this potentially stressful time. Remember to be gentle with yourself this holiday season, and take time to talk about it with a counselor if you need to (JFCS has some seriously great ones, but you probably already know that 🙂 ). Helping others is another great way to get your mind off of things – consider volunteering. Whatever you do, have the best time you can, and for goodness’ sakes, stay warm – we might even have snow this week!

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