February is National Senior Independence Month

February is known as the month to celebrate Valentine’s Day and commemorate Black History, but what you might not know is that February is also National Senior Independence Month. Living an independent lifestyle is important, no matter your age, or where you live. At JFCS one of our goals is helping the seniors in our community maintain their independence through homecare, transportation, and caregiver support.

Here are a few tips to help you stay comfortable, safe, and healthy this month and throughout the year.

Embrace Technology

A cell phone can be a lifesaver. Set up with speed-dial for favorite contacts. Cell phones and tablets can also contribute to safety because they often have flashlights and emergency contact apps that make calling for help easy and quick. They can also serve as location devices and, of course, provide maps and navigation.

Join the Decluttering Craze

Clear, well- lit walkways in the home help decrease the risk of trips and falls, while keeping necessary items like cell phones close at hand and readily accessible is vital in the event of an emergency.

Make Smart Upgrades

A little preventive maintenance can be a lifesaver. If you don’t already have grab bars in your bathroom, install them! Whether you need them or not right now, they are always handy and can accommodate any layout or design. Have banisters on stairs and railings on decks checked for looseness? Light up dark hallways and closets with motion-sensor lights to prevent falls. Making these upgrades will make a world of difference!

National Senior Independence Month is a great time to help seniors make changes that increase their quality of life. At JFCS we understand that maintaining independence can be tricky for seniors. Knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of is a tough road to navigate for the whole family. Giving up a driver’s license or accepting in-home help is a big step for many seniors. When changes need to happen, JFCS encourages family members to focus on the positive aspects of those changes to increase the quality of life for their loved one.

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