Family Strengthening Supports Stability for Children

Family Strengthening services help people navigate life’s changes and challenges through a client-centered, case management approach. When vulnerable parents get the help they need to stand on more solid ground, their children do, too.

Our Family Strengthening services are customized to help each family meet their self-identified goals and may include: asset building, budget development, career coaching and counseling, family goal planning, financial planning, parenting coaching, peer mentoring, and personal counseling.

Here are just a few examples of how Family Strengthening helps ensure every child in our community is safe, cared for, and living with dignity and hope for the future.

“I am working with a single mom and her two kids in an unaffordable and inadequate living situation. Their landlord was not providing hot water or a working refrigerator. I was able to advocate for this family to have these legally-required basics. Together, we successfully applied for two different types of housing vouchers and also secured the mother’s birth certificate so that if she receives a voucher for subsidized housing, the family will be ready to accept it with proper documentation. This family utilizes the JFCS Food Pantry to supplement their SNAP benefits at the end of the month, and Mom calls us a “lifesaver.” As Mom struggles with her kids’ behavioral issues, I have been able to provide her resources and techniques to implement with them at home.”

– Avery, Counselor & Case Manager

In my clinical and support group work with Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, a multi-service approach has positive effects. The most basic need can be augmented with access to food in our Food Pantry. Activities like Halloween at the Zoo and tickets to the Ballet build community and give these families fuller, more joyful experiences together. I use skills-building practices with grandparents so they develop the tools to respond to the specific challenges of raising traumatized children, many of whom are impacted by substance use. These grandparents may be grieving the loss of their anticipated family role and are learning to adjust to their new role as a surrogate parent.

– JoAnn, Counselor

An immigrant family I have been working with for two years went through a difficult time. I had helped the mother overcome her lack of U.S. employment experience and helped her find a job within her field. As she was looking for further employment in her field, her husband began to abuse both her and the children.  In addition to the employment assistance we provided, JFCS was able to offer her food to last until food stamps arrived and case management to ensure that she was able to get a restraining order against her husband. Now, she and her children are living on their own – safe and happy.

– Kristina, Career Specialist

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