Family Mitzvahs!

Sunday, Oct. 10th, the JFCS Family Mitzvah Committee sponsored an Apple Tasting event for the residents of Shalom Towers. The committee supplied a variety of apples, plus honey and specialized apple dips to share. Creative arts and crafts included a fabulous apple candle holder with cloves. Special thanks goes to Beth Salamon, Chair and family, Joanna Weiss and family, and Karen Kohn and family and Sheilah Abramson – Miles for helping with this event. You can see a lot more pictures from the Apple Tasting at our Facebook page!

The next JFCS Family Mitzvah Event will be held at JFCS , celebrating Hanukah on Sunday, Nov. 21st from 1:30pm-3:00pm. There’s going to be a lot going on at this one, with tons of mitzvahs: making crafts project for Four Courts, helping to unload the truck with all of the Hanukah Helpers gifts, organizing those gifts in the JFCS boardroom and creating Hanukah food bags for each family. We ask that each family participating bring a box of latke mix, a jar of applesauce and a small bag of Hanukah gelt. Please RSVP to Shelley Kahn at JFCS at 452-6341!

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